Small Groups 2014


In the fall of 2013, St. Andrew’s Church congregation began a small group ministry.   There are three groups at the moment, and they each have one third of the congregation under their cover.   The groups are to remain together for a period of one year; September to September.  


The groups could choose where and when they would meet, a minimum of two times a month.   The groups all ended up choosing the second and fourth weeks for their evening meetings to avoid any conflict with the Parish Council meetings held on the third week of each month.


To begin with, the groups planned to study the book Five Love Languages

by Gary Chapman at their own pace.   At the end of this book study, each group would choose either a bible study or some other scripture orientated project.  


To address St. Andrew’s strategic plan for outreach, each group was expected to find outreach projects to encourage new people to join their group fellowship so they could learn about Christianity in a non threatening environment.


In the event that an individual group reached 12 members, they would multiply into two smaller groups, and continue to grow again.


The small group environment is safe, and produces lots of learning, laughter, and great fellowship as we share in the love of Christ.