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St. Andrew's Church, Delta

Missions and Outreach

St. Andrew's Church, Delta is actively involved in mission work, both in our local community and in other parts of the world. We help to support people engaged in full-time mission work and encourage parishioners to become involved themselves as God leads them.

Ministries and Programs:
 – Missions Fest
 - “Freshwave Ministries”    
-   St. Andrew’s Small Groups

St. Andrew’s  Vision Statement:
Reaching Seekers;    Building Believers

Mission Statement:
St. Andrew’s, a Christ-centered, biblically inspired community, here for you!

St. Andrew's is coming alongside a new ministry called "FRESHWAVE
MINISTRIES", which is a mobile and street based Outreach to the
marginalized people on the streets in Vancouver.   As of Sept. 12 and all
subsequent Sundays, we are giving everyone at St. Andrew's the opportunity
to fulfill  Matthew 25:34-40 by bringing canned foods for the "food basket"
.  All the items will be directed to Freshwave Ministries  (based at 291 -
67 ave., Delta, B.C.  V4L 1M2).   The ministry "blue"bus and the team will
go to Vancouver every Monday evening to serve hot soup, sandwiches, coffee,
and juice to approx. 125 - 200 people.  Then they hand out groceries, offer
friendship evangelism, give away clothing,and end with prayer.    Peace
Mennonite Church in Richmond has opened their doors for FRESHWAVE
MINISTRIES for kitchen use, food and clothing storage.
Other areas that are coming alongside this new Ministry are The Salvation
Army, Save On Foods, Light House Ministries, and many volunteers.  This is
an opportunity to do volunteer work ( making sandwiches with the team,
donating food and clothing, ministry on Monday eves ).    Monetary
donations are welcome to continue building up the Ministry ( bus
maintenance, feeding program needs, etc.)
The website is under construction - TBA when up and running!

St. Andrew’s church supports "FRESHWAVE MINISTRIES",  an Outreach initiative which serves the marginalized people on the streets in downtown Vancouver. 

St. Andrew's supports Freshwave by donating food, clothing, and/or finances, on a weekly basis. 

Freshwave’s  ministry team and volunteers go to Vancouver every Monday evening to serve hot soup, sandwiches, pastries, coffee, and juice to  75 or more people from their bus.  Each person receives a bag of groceries, clothing, if needed, and are offered friendship evangelism.  The evening always begins and ends with prayer. 

Cedar Park Church in Ladner allows FRESHWAVE MINISTRIES to use their kitchen to prepare the food and to store the collected food products and clothing.

The Salvation Army, Save On Foods, Light House Ministries, and many volunteers also support Freshwave. 

Personal financial donations are always welcome to  help with the bus maintenance, feeding program needs, and other expenses that occur.  Freshwave Ministries is based out of South Delta, B.C.

click here to view the Freshwave video

Small Groups

St. Andrew’s Church began Small Groups in September 2013.   The groups meet either 1 - 2 x per month with the foci of each group being (1) worship / bible study,  (2) healing (3),  Missions & Outreach.

Our hope is that each group will reach out to our local community with the Love of Christ, keeping in mind our Vision and Mission statements.