Our People

St. Andrew’s Church, Delta was formed in the summer of 2008 under the guidance of the Venerable Dr. Trevor Walters who is now Bishop of Western Canada in the Anglican Church of North America. Since then we have been enormously blessed and equipped with everything needed to establish ourselves as a functioning Christian community. 

St. Andrew, our patron saint, is the apostle who brought people, as well as loaves and fishes, to Jesus so He could transform them.  That is the ministry we are called to.  

Many of us are long time Anglicans, the Spirit Filled kind, who love the Lord Jesus Christ.  We are committed to remaining faithful to Holy Scripture and established Anglican doctrine and practices.  Under the guidance of the Anglican Network in Canada we believe that God has planted St. Andrewʼs in Delta. We believe we are called to proclaim the Gospel, to nurture relationships with Christ Jesus and to the equipping of people for full participation in the Kingdom of God. 

Our Services are centered around the gospel and the Holy Communion; we include liturgical and extemporary prayer, and our worship music is a combination of traditional hymns and contemporary praise. Testimonies are often given on any fifth Sunday in the month.