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St. Andrew's Church, Delta

About Us

St. Andrew's Church, Delta is committed to serving Tsawwassen and Ladner, proclaiming the Gospel, nurturing relationships with Christ Jesus and equipping people for His Service. We are committed to remaining faithful to the Bible and warmly welcome you to study, worship and grow with us. St Andrew's is part of the growing movement of church planting and mission in North America.
If you are a visitor to our community, we would be delighted to have you worship with us. If you wish to investigate Christianity, or you want to know and serve Jesus Christ in a church with a missional and Spirit- filled agenda, or if you are simply looking for a caring community and a reason for hope, please connect with us. We'd love to get acquainted.

We are part of the Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC) which is a diocese in the Biblically-faithful Anglican Church in North America.

St. Andrew's Church, Delta
  4951 - 12th Avenue,
Delta, British Columbia

Phone: (604) 613-8432

mailing address: PO Box 19146, 1153 - 56th St., Delta, BC V4L 2P8


About St. Andrew's Church, Delta

Parish profile:

A Christ centered Biblically inspired community here for you.

St. Andrew's Church, Delta is a charismatic church in South Delta (Tsawwassen) associated with the Anglican Network in Canada (ANIC) and worshiping in the Anglican tradition.  St. Andrew's parishioners are gifted mature Anglican believers of long standing, with strong ministry experience and are actively involved in God's church.  We are a viable, vital, Spirit-filled bible believing Church looking to grow in numbers.

We are established in the essentially English speaking suburban community of Tsawwassen, South Delta, with primarily single family homes (pop 21,000); about a 45 minute drive from downtown Vancouver.   Presently we rent church and special event space from the South Delta Artist’s Guild in Tsawwassen.   We are in the process of seeking another facility to include space for a Sunday school and nursery.  We envision a multi-generational congregation with a dynamic children and youth ministry as soon as facilities are available.  

It is our desire to be an inclusive community where the truth of God's word is lived out.  A community where all people may see and feel the love of God and come to discover His saving grace through Jesus Christ, His son.  A community that brings the Kingdom of God to earth where the gifts and fruit of the Spirit are practised and everyone is spurred on in their spiritual journey.  Our community hosts healing and renewal conferences, teaches bible studies and supports missions and outreach endeavours.

A Brief History:

In 2008, the Tsawwassen start-up, The South Delta Project, under the auspices of Anglican Network in Canada (AniC), was formed with 8 members under the mentoring of Trevor Walters, Archdeacon of ANiC’s Western Region.   This project was incorporated as St. Andrew’s Church, Delta in 2010.   In February 2011 our first AGM was held at which time a Parish Council was elected, and functions according to the ANiC canons and the Articles of Incorporation.   We send a delegate to ANiC synods and have tithed to ANiC since our inception.

Parish Vision:
     Mission Statement:  St. Andrew’s is a Christ centered, biblically inspired community, here for you.

     Vision Statement:  Reaching seekers, building believers.


St. Andrew’s Parishioners:

- members presently renting space in an art gallery
- Worship in the Anglican tradition using Common Worship Liturgy materials
- Have significant lay involvement throughout services
- Believe in the “ministry of all believers” and in active involvement in the church
- Are mature Spirit flowing believers of long standing
- Have strong ministry experience in healing conferences, missions and evangelism
- Hold a weekly ladies bible study
- Have a prayer chain for parishioner needs
- Assist with meals or drives for parishioners who are unwell
- Love contemporary and traditional music
- A vital, viable, Spirit-filled, bible-believing church, looking to grow
- Began small groups September 2013 involving all parishioners
- Building a reserve fund to complement a full time priest salary
- Fully functioning Parish Council, who have all accepted the Jerusalem Declaration.


Vision for the short term: (30-50 members)

- Grow St. Andrew's to 50+ members
- Growing the parish through involvement in the community and sharing the Gospel
- Re-locate to accommodate more and varied opportunities
- Envision a multigenerational congregation with dynamic children’s and youth ministries

Mid-term vision: (50-100 members)

- Grow St. Andrew's to 100+ members
- Looking for more opportunities to serve the community
- Reaching the un-churched with the Gospel

Long term Vision:

- Facilities to house ministry and programs serving parish and community

About South Delta:

Amenities in South Delta include public elementary and secondary schools, two Christian elementary schools, a private co-educational K-12 school, day cares, several recreational facilities, bus service, ferry service to the islands and shopping areas in both Ladner and Tsawwassen.   We also have access to the skytrain which services most of the lower mainland a short distance away in Richmond.   Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia, Regent College and several other post-secondary schools are within easy commute.   There is also an established acute care hospital with an excellent emergency department and a new palliative care hospice facility.   Delta has many minor sports teams in hockey, lacrosse, baseball, soccer and swimming.   Delta also hosts the annual Tour de Delta, involving world class riders.

There are 17 Christian churches in South Delta including three Anglican churches, two of which are part of the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC) and St. Andrew’s Church Delta, a church plant affiliated with the Anglican network in Canada (AniC).

Join us for communion service starting at 9:00 AM, followed by coffee and fellowship at:

The South Delta Artists Guild, Art Gallery 
beside the Tsawwassen Rec. Center 

1710 - 56th Street

Delta, B.C

We would be delighted to have you join us for coffee, a continental breakfast, fellowship and worship. If you are looking for a small caring community and a reason for hope, please join us. We’d love to get acquainted. 

St. Andrew's Church South Delta Reaching Seekers, Building Believers. On a Mission to: Serve Delta, proclaim the Gospel, nurture relationships with Christ Jesus and equip people for His Service.

For further information: Contact Us

Holy Communion service is from 9:00 am to 10:30 am followed by fellowship and refreshments.

Where:  South Delta Artists Guild, Art Gallery

beside the Tsawwassen Rec. Center

1710 - 56th Street

Delta, BC

If you are looking for a small caring community and a reason for hope, please join us.
We’d love to get acquainted.

St. Andrew's is a new and flexible group of people that wants to welcome all kinds of talents and giftings into its community.  Our greatest strength lies in making room for and welcoming others.  We welcome those exploring their faith, new believers, new ministries and new enthusiasm.

Currently we are organized into three main areas of ministry:
  1. Worship
  2. Mission and Outreach
  3. Healing Prayer

Come and join us Sunday mornings at 9 am or contact us.

Our People

St. Andrew’s Church, Delta was formed in the summer of 2008 under the guidance of the Venerable Dr. Trevor Walters who is now Bishop of Western Canada in the Anglican Church of North America. Since then we have been enormously blessed and equipped with everything needed to establish ourselves as a functioning Christian community. 

St. Andrew, our patron saint, is the apostle who brought people, as well as loaves and fishes, to Jesus so He could transform them.  That is the ministry we are called to.  

Many of us are long time Anglicans, the Spirit Filled kind, who love the Lord Jesus Christ.  We are committed to remaining faithful to Holy Scripture and established Anglican doctrine and practices.  Under the guidance of the Anglican Network in Canada we believe that God has planted St. Andrewʼs in Delta. We believe we are called to proclaim the Gospel, to nurture relationships with Christ Jesus and to the equipping of people for full participation in the Kingdom of God. 

Our Services are centered around the gospel and the Holy Communion; we include liturgical and extemporary prayer, and our worship music is a combination of traditional hymns and contemporary praise. Testimonies are often given on any fifth Sunday in the month.